Thursday, 1 November 2012

Only bad things happen quickly.
All bad things happen in a flash there is not time to  fix things or turn back the clock, once a bad thing hits you then there is no turning back all you need to do is to face it.

Accidents happen every second of the day, it takes one second for an accident to occur but it takes days or even years to recover from that accident.  We  have to equip our selves to deal with such things death, accident and disappointment. 

All you have to know is that bad things happen quick and are noticeable too.

New Month
A  new month means new beginnings ...
Enjoy  this crazy month, this is a crazy month because in this month everybody is busy preparing for December holidays. 

Have fun , enjoy this month ... if you are in Cape Town make sure you wear sun glasses, hats & sun block because November is HOT AS HELL 

 Have a fulfilled month :)

Watch this space.

Watch the space when I change dramatically. I know some of you are guessing . Well, i will not kiss and tell.
You might be wondering what I am talking about ? there is no need for  me to tell y'all, what's about to happen . All you need to do is keep a good eye on me or should I say watch the space ... The secrete will reveal it self  keep on watching .

Do not blink or less you will miss out...

Write your bucket list

Life is too short at least if I have achieved of half of these in this list I would have lived my life to the fullest .

  • ·         Get training in Public speaking
  • ·         Be a successful woman
  • ·         Invent a recipe to lose weight, without sweating ......
  • ·         Own an orphanage home
  • ·         Travel around South Africa before going to other countries
  • ·         Travel by ship to America
  • ·         Travel to Nigeria, Ghana &  Mozambique
  • ·         Have as many babies as I CAN ..... oh , I mean four looking the economy!
  • ·         Get married to the man of my dreams (have not meet him yet)
  • ·         Own a big house
  • ·         Have my own car
  • ·         Donate to the poor (i could donate money, clothes or food)

My big fat BIG dream.

I would not be were i am if had no dreams, as a child I always dreamed about being at University, studying and becoming successful and one of my dreams has came through because I am in University doing my final year, however my this is not my big fat dream.

I have come so far and that is because I had a dream of where I am Today, however I have not yet achieved that  BIG FAT DREAM  but with Gods help I will achieve that dream.
My big fat dream is to see my self succeed in life, work in the Industry , it does not matter which  direction I take in the industry as long as i am working for a media company/ organization.